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Hi, I am Abhishek Phukan, owner of ( a unit of Global Avenue Marketing), the leading SEO Agency in Guwahati city according to the actual Google search engine.

We have successfully ranked our website #1 for hundreds of keywords related to our industry.

And our company can assist you in achieving the same results by dominating your market space. Fill out the discovery form or give a call at (+91) 6900523517 to begin the process.

We are not like any other “agencies” which outsource most of their work and depends on it. We regularly run tests over 100's of websites which allow us to understand Google algorithm in a much deeper level.

So you are getting the chance to get an exact result (or way better!) that the giant companies receive at a fragment of the cost.

Architecture Analysis

  • Content Planning
  • Optimizing Current Webpages
  • Keyword Target
  • Content Development
  • Winning Solutions

On Site Optimization

  • Search Engine Friendly URL Creation
  • Website Tittle & META Description
  • Well Thought Out Structure  
  • Link Redirection
  • Detoxify Harmful Links

Off Site Optimization

  • Link Building
  • Create Social Media Pages
  • Regular Tracking
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Report

Seo Services You Can Rely In Guwahati

Just search on Google about Search Engine Optimization Services in our city.


What do you see?

Most probably you have seen us in the top positions. And believe me, you will see us there for a long time to come.

The search terms that we are competing for organic rankings are most difficult keywords in our city on Google, and yet we dominate it. 

The reason for explaining all this isn’t to brag about our results. As a search engine marketing professional, just like a model home, it is our responsibility to give you a glimpse of what rankings look like for a business.

Listen, hiring us is the same as hiring an automobile expert because there’s some hidden functioning going on under the hood which are outside of your scope and expertise.

That is why, you have to take someone onboard you can have confidence in.

As I run a business myself,  I can totally relate to you and understand the importance of getting traffic to a website.

Not just any traffic, warm and targeted..

- But, how do you achieve it? 

- And who has the time to make it all come together beautifully?

- And as far as maintaining the top position on Google, how does that happen?

No worry! Our proven strategy and Industry Standard Best Practices will ensure your results in the first place. On top of that, we are an active member of the Google Community and an Underground Mastermind Group which gives us instant access to the latest changes.

(Please note: A common question that comes to our customer's mind is ethical SEO practices. You can find out more about how we ensure our clients the cutting-edge service without crossing the line here!)

When you searched for “SEO company in Guwahati” or any search related to it, you have seen our website ranking in the top position of Google, Right?

In the same way, we can help YOU get to the top position inside the real Google search engine for your targeted customers to build an ever-growing business.

Our Private Network Of Top Quality News Sites

A primary ranking factor in Google is still backlink. No matter how well your website is designed or your content is written, if no premium websites linking back to you, I'm sorry to say this you are in a tough battle of ranking your site.

Most agencies (including bigger ones) take one of two routes, either they outsource low-quality spammy links from Pakistan and the Philippines, or they go with low profile links that are not flagged by search engines but it also won’t get you RESULTS.

We take the path less traveled.

Our years of experience and networking will help to get your website name into our high-quality news sites that provide top-notch information to readers all over the world. We then make sure you get backlinks from these exclusive news sites that will make all the hardcore difference.

Logically what will be better?

Advertising with Economic Times and Business Standard or hiring local people in the city to hand out business cards for you?

It’s no contest!

Economic Times and Business Standard have a way higher reputation and authority.

In the same sense, we can provide your website with the prestige and power that can come only with the attached reputation from our high quality and high visibility news links. You are getting this advantage as a client of ours that nobody else can offer.

Business is rapidly growing in our city, and so is the competition.

Advertisers paid huge amounts of money to Google in 2019 to show their business and to get recognized. And we can provide you similar results at a fragment of the cost that will generate high-quality traffic for which folks pay Google a fortune.

Why You Should Be Doing SEO For Your Business? 

The data from Sparktoro and Jumpstart showing the top traffic referrer

I get it, and this question needs to be addressed if SEO is a good fit or not in your online marketing budget.

Just look at the pie chart above, and you will get a good reasonable reason why businesses are adopting it. 

Quick Note Here

When I say about SEO in general, I am mainly focusing on Google. As you already know, Google dominates the world search market share. You can get the precise data here :

According to my opinion, if you have an established work in Guwahati, Search Engine Marketing will be an excellent option for your business to grow and prosper. It is somewhat becoming an essential part of your online advertising, and a majority of big companies have already started incorporating it into their marketing strategy for a long time.

Just Imagine!

You are attracting traffic full of people that are precisely looking for your services and offers. This traffic is already filtered out from all of the unwanted people: the complainers, the naysayers, and the unresponsive. Leaving you with just the right people: the curious, the attentive, and of course, the buyers. 

Most of the local business owners underestimate the power of online advertising, let alone the benefits of it. They believe more in advertising in local newspapers, billboards, radios and so on.

Please answer yourself these questions honestly:

  • Do you really think in today's busy and internet-driven world people are going to find any business through those offline advertising channels?

  • Are those offline advertising mediums will have the profound impact that a business owner is looking to get?

  • Is it sustainable and reliable?

  • Do people actively seeking any products and services through those mediums? 

Whatever your answers might be, let's jump to a different scenario for a while. Where..

People are actively looking for a service and ready to call. 

You can track each and every metrics.

Marketing gets affordable over time.

You get reliability, sustainability and long term stability for your business.

Qualified traffic generation is no longer the bottleneck.

You no longer need to hassle and stressed out for marketing again.

You can focus on delivering more better quality products and services to your customers.

You can see, benefits are endless. But, still most local businesses are skeptical to include SEO as their marketing strategy.

As a result, they never get the benefits that they should deserve in this ever growing connected world, where they can showcase their business to the whole world at anytime.

Because you are inquiring about our SEO services, I know for the fact that you are way smarter and open-minded person than most business individuals in our city.

You know the value of one key ingredient to grow any business:


So what is this magical traffic source?

5.4 billion searches are made here every day

It's not a hidden secret; of course, this traffic source is non-other than Google. I guess you are using it every day without thinking about it, aren't you?

The reason behind we use Google for every question delivers.

The ability to serve people right websites at the right searches immediately is Google's core priority, and they are getting better and better each day.

Today, people find their answers from simple to complex by typing their queries on Google. E.g., if a person wants to know a location of a favorite restaurant or a dentist, he will type specific keywords, and Google will show an arranged results according to the importance and relevance of the entered keywords within milliseconds.

You will be surprised how much attention you will receive after a successful SEO campaign. 

Here's an article you can read published in Forbes.

At present, most of the internet activities is driving through search engines like Google.

With our proven methods, we will help your business to show up in these relevant search results and DOMINATE it.

You could wake up knowing you don't have more marketing overhead but less because your website is just pouring in with visitors while you are sleeping at night.

It will not only help you get new targeted leads into your business but also, at the same time giving you more time to focus on providing better quality services and customer satisfaction. 

We want your business to skyrocket by getting qualified and excellent leads.

If you wish to be #1 in the real Google search engine, fill out the discovery form or call at 6900523517.

How We Can Help Any Local Business With Our SEO Service?

Increase Exposure

We will provide your business the exposure it should have by taking the top rankings in Google. We will make sure all digital success leads to you. 

Grow Customer Base

Our services will help increase your customer base than any other marketing strategy you ever approach.  

More Revenue

Prepare to get more inquiries or customers that are ready to purchase from you which can grow your company or service to  a new level of success. 

Partner In Need

Personal assistance for your queries, problems or any type of update to ensure that we are always moving towards the same goal and need.

Month-to-Month Report

Every month we will send ranking reports and any other required recommendation for keeping you up-to-date and also to sercure from any new changes in the industry. 


Not only are we SEO geeks (humbly of course) but we take part in weekly group calls with best search marketers in the world. We discuss masterplans, what’s working and what to move away from. We stay on peak of our industry to benefit your site.

Google Domination Approach

We not only take the top spot in Google but the whole entire 1st page. We strive for the best to ensure clients the highest possible outcome of their investment. 

In-House Work

Nothing is outsourced, blackhat tactics or mumbo jumbo. Everything is done in-house with carefully selected individuals who are best at what they do.

Hassle-Free Contracts

No tight contracts and agreements where you are locked in a box. We believe in month-to-month contract to make sure you pay only for results and deliverability.

Roadmap Of Our Service Procedure

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